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Hull's Memorial Baptist Church

Fellow karateka,

As mentioned before, tomorrow, TUE 4 DEC will be our last session for 2018 to free up calendar time so not to conflict with  everyone’s holiday preparations.  Tentative plan is to reconvene our weekly sessions on TUE, 8 JAN 2019, trusting our JAN winter weather will cooperate.  I expect to confirm start date during the preceding weekend.  

Expect two special activities at this 1st session in 2019:  PIZZA NITE !! and an end of class discussion of the KARATE CODES and related Scriptures; see attached .xlsx file.  Some of you have contributed one or more Scripture references already, and I greatly appreciate that.   You should find your name and Scripture references highlighted.  Most of them, except PAULETTEs have been further expanded according to my Bible version.   But be prepared to discuss your reference(s) _ (over pizza).  And for them who have not contributed yet, pick a Code. And using one or more of the interpretations provided by Sensei ROSENBAUM for each Code and your Bible index, try to identify scripture references that apply.   In the end, there will be a complete matrix of Bible scriptures relative to the 8 Isshinryu Codes of Ethics.  Won’t that be cool!!

So, I hope you all can make it tomorrow; if not, well then perhaps on 8 JAN.   I also include the .docx file that Sensei GARY CARRER provided some time ago with a discussion of each of the Codes.  This provides additional insights, which I trust will inspire your research. 

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