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Hull's Memorial Baptist Church

HMBC** Karate classes are back in sesion.    Students of all faiths are welcome.  

Weekly 90-minute classes are held each Tuesday & Thursday evening in the Fellowship Hall; `Bow In’ at 5:30PM; `Bow Out’ at 7:00PM.  Enter thru the double door at the rear of the Church.  Early arrival after 5:00 is recommended to allow student warm-up on their own, questions for Sensei, plus any administrative necessities.  Classes consist of stretching and warm-up exercises, drills in strike/block/kicking techniques, `kata’ (or `forms’ of prearranged techniques) and prearranged sparring once techniques are well learned. 

Karate is well suited for most individuals in average physical health.  Personal rewards can be expected for the serious practitioner including fitness, self-defense, confidence, discipline, as well as respect for self and others.  While safety and having fun are primary aims for each class, Codes of Karate passed down from generations past teach valuable lessons for life; many can be related to Biblical teachings.    

Classes are led by HMBC member, John Saunders, 3rd degree black belt (San Dan) in Isshinryu Karate.  

Target student ages are 9 and above for children.  Teens, parents and other interested adults of all ages are also welcome.  Younger children will be considered with parent’s permission.   There is a onetime application fee, $10 for each student/member: $25 for 3 or more per family. 

Applications are available for submission at or before the class.   Those interested should contact John Saunders: mobile ph. (202) 297-9495 or email:  

** Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church is located at 420 Enon Rd, Fredericksburg VA 22406.  Visit our website:

    Hull's Memorial Baptist Church
    420 Enon Road | Fredericksburg, VA 22406 | PH: 540.371.4124