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Tuesday, March 27 2018

 Your eyes will see the king in all his splendor, and you will see a land that stretches into the distance.
You will see Zion as a place of worship and celebration. You will see Jerusalem a city quiet and secure.
Isaiah 33:17, 20 NLT


Earth’s rulers are only human, so moral darkness encircles the globe.

One day you will see the King of kings in His majesty and beauty.

There is Light at the end of the tunnel.


There is a far nobler use of life than pursuing personal ambition.

Egocentricity is a dead-end street; selfishness shrivels the soul.

There is purpose after the death of self-centeredness.


Sin tantalizes, then breaks your heart; pleasures lure, but do not last.

Take the long view—look forward to joys that will last forever.

There is bliss after the end of the world.


Peace and quiet are elusive dreams in your current experience.

One day you will feast your eyes on new Jerusalem—City of Peace.

There is calm after the storm.


Life, you know, is fragile—fearful insecurity defines the human situation.

Death, grief, heartache, and pain will be obsolete in the new world.

There is safety after the termination of crime.


Does it seem to you that some people get away with murder?

Over the horizon, a holy holocaust is starting to blaze up.

There is fairness at the end of the day.


Christ’s glorious kingdom will outshine any empire the world has known.

In fact, the nations will bask in His favor and honor Him above all else.

There is paradise beyond the stars.


Though you do not see your Savior now, you certainly will one day.

No longer harassed by sin and death, you will celebrate eternal victory.

There is a heavenly reward at faith’s finish line.

(c) 2013 Pastor Johnny R. Almond 

Day 271 - Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, March 19 2018

Then King David went in and sat before the Lord and prayed,
“Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my family,
that you have brought me this far?”
1 Chronicles 17:16 NLT


Who are you that I, the King of the universe, would notice you? What would motivate the Sovereign of sovereigns to care for your needs and transport you over emotionally rough terrain?


I am totally, eternally, irrevocably responsible for everything. That being true, when do you think I have time to notice your concerns? I direct intergalactic traffic patterns so constellations will not collide in space—why should I be bothered with managing the circumstances of your life? I am Sovereign over eternity—when do I have time to orchestrate time? I effortlessly whispered stars into existence—what are mortals that I should pay you any mind? Why should I care when you are hurting?


Out of the goodness of My heart I extend unmerited favor to you. Your self-identity is intimately tied to My infinite goodness and incontestable greatness; it also is closely connected to My perfect government of the nations and of your personal life.


Supportive love from your family has brought joy to your life. This great blessing is linked to My gift of relationships. Out of the goodness of My heart I solve your problem of loneliness by placing you in a loving family. I am the Giver of life and breath and the Satisfier of the deepest needs of your soul.


Your successful life is not all your doing. I am behind the scenes directing the drama, engineering events to care for you and your family. You could never have made it to this point without Me. True success is due to My grace. Whatever you are now is all because I have poured out My kindness and special favor on you day after day.


My mercy has forgiven and cleansed you, helping you continue. My music has encouraged and cheered you, inspiring you to celebrate. My might has picked you up and carried you, enabling you to carry on. You have come this far by faith. You can step into the future confident I will constantly remain gracious toward you. You can face challenges that come your way in the strength I give you. I hold you in the palm of My omnipotent hand—relax.


Unfailing love cares for you. Infinite mercy protects you from evil. Unchanging faithfulness dawns on your life with every new day.


Check your progress to see how far you have come—then give Me the credit!

© 2013 Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity



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Monday, March 12 2018

Search for the Lord and keep on searching.

1 Chronicles 16:11 NLT


Our relationship is your most serious business—a lifelong quest extending across time into eternity. Earnestly yearn for My Presence—I will reward you richly and forever.


Life’s noblest quest is walking in the footsteps of Jesus. Cry out to your Savior to rescue you from evil. Look to Me to pardon sins—confess wrongs and be honest and transparent before Me. Desire Forever Love in a fickle world. Seek My mercy, and I will cleanse your heart and revitalize you to travel the high road.


Life’s noblest quest connects you to the Only True Superpower. Recognize your frailty—look to Almighty God to find what you will never find in yourself. My power makes trusting hearts secure and serene. Rely on Christ and you can survive any situation tomorrow may bring. I hold the universe—and you—together. Trust the Infinite One for help. Rely on the Earth Maker for courage. Exercise faith in Me—dream more than others think is practical!


Life’s noblest quest involves making a conscious effort to conform your life to My sweet and perfect way. Reverence the One and Only God above the world’s idols. False gods make nothing but trouble. I effortlessly spoke galaxies into existence—let nothing inferior to Me capture your allegiance. I can take the place of anything; nothing can take My place. Let My awesome splendor and majesty inspire your wholehearted devotion. Love Me with everything you are—emotions, personality, mind, energy—care more than others think wise!


Life’s noblest quest—a serious struggle for holiness—has My unfailing support. Inquire of the Omniscient God who understands you as your Friend. Trust in the Omnipotent God who stands under you as your Foundation. I have honored My covenant generation after generation—I always keep My commitment to you. Bring your worries to My throne—I care about you and take good care of you. There is something better than changeable happiness, based on happenings—invulnerable joy, based on My Holy Spirit. Rainy days and Mondays will not get you down if you make Me your Center of Gravity. When your strength is depleted, I carry you in My arms. Risk more than others think is safe!


Life’s noblest quest composes a symphony of praise. The Source of music inspires jubilant praise and thanksgiving. Sing My praises as you travel homeward. Revel in My love. Depend on My promises—expect more than others think is possible!


 © 2013 Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity






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Monday, March 05 2018

The people of Judah were exiled to Babylon because they were unfaithful to the Lord.

1 Chronicles 9:1 NLT


I am the King of Love—I have indelibly written your name in the Book of Life and have sworn never to erase it. I am faithful to My Word. I mean what I say and guarantee I will keep every vow. My promises brighten tomorrow. Holy Radiant Light perpetually shines on you—there will never be any shadows caused by My turning away from My purpose regarding you.


When all else in the world fails, Unfailing Love will continue. If you ever become afraid that I might obliterate you because of your sins, remember My mercy prevents your destruction.


My faithfulness is greater than any force in the universe that would oppose you. Kindness dawns every sunrise on hope’s horizon. I Will Always Be Who I Have Always Been—you can trust Me.


Like My people Israel, your sins enslave you in bondage. Your unfaithfulness to Me makes you susceptible to imprisonment to sin and exile to the land of melancholy and the desert of loneliness. Unbelief and disobedience carry dire results. Only the King of liberty can unshackle you and release you from Satan’s handcuffs. Addiction to evil is no fun. Captivation to Christ is life’s highest joy!


Your faithfulness is changeable—My faithfulness is constant.


Only by grace can you be loyal to Me. When you are, you celebrate; when you are not, you are chafed by fetters. I discipline you for your good, to teach you how to live a holy life—that makes you uncomfortable, but it also helps you grow up. No matter how you rebel, I am consistent as clockwork in love toward you. Let My faithfulness inspire yours.


By the power of the King of life you can return from enslavement in a confusing land. Infinite compassion repatriates captives to the promised land and teaches them to sing joyful hymns of praise. Playing games at the foot of the cross alienates you from your Savior. Fall on your knees—then you can get on your feet again.


Rejoice in My faithfulness. Celebrate God all day, every day! If sin has exiled you to a foreign land, permit My Holy Spirit to liberate you and return you to the holy land of the broken—and blessed—heart.


Semper Fidelis takes on a new meaning—I am always faithful.


© 2013 Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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